Paralegal Gateway and the Winners of the 2010 Paralegal Superstars

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the Paralegal Gateway 2010 Paralegal Superstars.

Amy Shillingburg – San Diego, CA
Jeannie Cartabiano – Redlands, CA
Catherine McKenzie – Vero Beach, FL
Viola Ange – Cedar Hill, TX
Laura Ahtes – Wilmington, DE
Patty Dietz-Selke – Atlanta, GA
Madelaine Vines – Colorado Springs, CO
Kathleen Miller – Irvine, CA
Ruth Conley – Houston, TX
Brian Haberly – Seattle, WA
De Dishman – Portland, OR
Carolyn Yellis – Orange County, CA

This is a great honor.  These paralegals were chosen for their “outstanding commitment to the Paralegal profession and/or their communities.”  The winners will be featured in the Annual Superstar Calendar.

Thank you all for your commitment to the profession and keep up the great work.

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