Have you gone green?

These days you cannot open a newspaper or a magazine or even turn on the television without being told that you should go green.  I have to admit that I’m not there yet.  There are some things that I just need to have in my “hot little hands.”  There are a couple of things that I am, however, trying to do:  I am trying to read more on my iPhone (it’s not as small as you might think, it’s actually pretty easy to read); I have subscribed to paperless billing whenever it is available; I pay most of my bills on line, except for one which really annoys me because I don’t like writing checks; I never get a receipt at the MAC when I get cash, choosing instead to just enter the amount withdrawn on my electronic ledger on my iPhone.  So you see?  I am trying to do my part.

The two areas at which I am not so good are my research and the files in the my office that contain warranties and instructions on the various household appliances and electronics.  I have not figured out what to do about those things.

When I research I feel like I need to highlight and write notes on the margin.  I need to see it and touch it in order for it to feel real.  For some reason I get a sense of accomplishment when looking at the piles of paper that lay on top of my desk, sometimes so massive that I can barely see the desk.  Sometimes, I am embarassed to admit, they are so huge that I feel overwheled and wind up being less productive.  So, if I’m having so much trouble with going green why am I writing this post?  The answer is simple, I want to be rehabilitated.  I want to join the 21st century and be up with the times, I don’t want to have to purchase or change toners anymore, they are expensive and messy to deal with.  I want to ensure that my files are going to available when I need them and not mistakenly destroyed or misplaced.

Jim Calloway wrote a great article on July 28, 2010.  Why you need to switch to digital client files now. Although Mr. Calloway is writing about “client files” his points can be made about anything else.  After reading his article I am vowing to finally get rid of the paper files and transfer things to my computer files.  However, I need help.  Do you have any ideas on how I can ease myself into this?

One thought on “Have you gone green?

  1. I swear by the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner I bought for my home office. It has greatly cut down on the piles of paper that used to make me feel a bit claustrophobic. I use the free app Evernote to store information, research, websites and anything else that I want to keep – but not in piles 😉

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