Clio – Practice Management at your Fingertips

This past Summer I was asked to review Clio, a web-based practice management.  I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about doing this.  Not only because I had never heard of Clio before but also because I do not want my blog to turn into an “endorsement” blog.  I’ve always been of the opinion that not all systems are the same to everyone and my opinion may skew people’s opinion of what it is that they actually need for their practice.  However, I’m glad I decided to review this particular product.

When the company contacted me to test some products, I was given the choice of three products.   I picked Clio because it is compatible with the MAC and it did not require me to download anything onto my computer, which can take up a lot of memory.

Being that Clio is a web-based application the only thing you need in order to access this practice management system is an Internet connection.   As a paralegal that is always on the “go” this is an important aspect of any practice management I choose.  I like to know that no matter where I am, as long as I have an internet connection I am able to access my calendar, my billing, my to do lists and any documents I need on the go.

Considering that I am not very technologically inclined, I had no trouble getting started with the site.

It even felt like “second nature” to set up a client and/or matters.  Once your clients are set up the entire case is at your disposal.  When you click on a client or a matter name Clio puts the entire case at your fingertips.

Clio allows you keep a task list, a calendar and an agenda.  I was informed that Clio works with whatever calendar system you use (outlook or iCal).  If you are working on a document all you need to do in order to record your time is click on icon and the time automatically transfers to that matter as time being billed.  For someone who is used to recording the time on paper and then transferring everything to the time management system, this was great.

On the task list issue, Clio is also a “lifesaver.”  By allowing you to stay organized.  Clio will send you task reminders as emails.  No more sitting around in front of the computer before the start of the day trying to figure out what it is that you need to do first.  Clio knows and it will let you know!

There is a communications tab that allows you to record phone call notes.  The way I used it was more like a “diary.”  If a client called wanting to know what was going on in his/her particular case, all I had to do was open up communication under a particular client I had a “history” of the case in front of me and was better able to discuss it with the client without having to dig up the actual folder on my computer or even have to look up the actual paper file (which I still keep.  Trying to get out of that habit).

Clio has two pricing structures:  $49/month for attorneys and $25/month for non-attorneys.  It seems reasonable to me when you take into consideration that as soon as you get it you can begin using it.  There is no need spend hours downloading additional programs into your computer or learning a new system.  Clio is very use friendly.

In my opinion Clio would replace a billing system, a calendar system and all the spreadsheets (not to mention some of the post it notes) that I now call my case management system.

I really enjoyed “test driving” this system and would recommend it to my fellow.

But don’t take my word for it.  Clio makes it really easy to fall in love with it.  They offer a 30-day free trial and if you don’t like it you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked.  I encourage you to go to their website at Clio website and signing up for the free 30-day trial.

I want to point out that I am not being paid of this review and did not receive any incentives from the creators of Clio, monetary or otherwise.  The 30-day free trial is offered to everyone who wants to try out the site.

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