Paralegal Superstars and Paralegal Gateway

Paralegal Gateway, Inc. is one of the oldest if not the oldest paralegal website around.  I have been reading this website for as long as I can remember.  Before there were any paralegal blogs or information around Paralegal Gateway was the one place we could go to for information on career advice, research information and networking among many other things specific to the profession.

Every year around this time Paralegal Gateway publishes a list of Paralegal Superstars.  These paralegals are nominated by their peers for having contributed in some way contributed to the profession.  Besides the honor of being nominated to the Superstar category all paralegals are featured in a calendar put out by Paralegal Gateway.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s group of Superstars.

Amy Shillingburg – San Diego, CA

Jeannie Cartabiano – Redlands, CA

Catherine McKenzie – Vero Beach, FL

Viola Ange – Cedar Hill, TX

Laura Ahtes – Wilmington,

Patty Dietz-Selke – Atlanta, GA

Madelaine Vines – Colorado Springs, CO

Kathleen Miller – Irvine, CA

Ruth Conley – Houston, TX

Brian Haberly – Seattle, WA

De Dishman – Portland, OR

Carolyn Yellis – Orange County, CA

The nominations for next year’s calendar and Paralegal Superstars have been opened.  Please take the time to nominate a paralegal you know who contributed in some way to the profession and while you’re there browse through the Paralegal Gateway website and register with the site.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.


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