On a Personal Note

It’s 6:30 am and as usual I am on the train, heading into work, trying to catch up on all the blogs and articles on my RSS, Twitter and Facebook. 

Things have been so busy at work lately, the past few days I haven’t left the office until 8:00 pm. This makes for some very long days a very messy house and my neglect of my writing.  

As I was saying. As I’m sitting here, on this train, fighting the urge to just take a nap until I get to my destination instead on catching up on the news, I realize that some of the paralegals I have recently become friendly with are extremely busy as well and yet they find the time to post every day, and have a great attitude about all the things that have piled up on their plates. I have to admit that I am a little jealous. How do they find the time?

Yes, Lynne DeVenney, author and blogger at practical Paralegalism, Jeannie Sapp Johnston, founder and CEO of Paralegal Gateway, Vicki Voisin, author, speaker and blogger at The Paralegal Mentor, and last but not least, my newest friend Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of Odelia Grey mystery series and blogger. Sorry I don’t have access to all the links right now.  You can look these women up. I promise, you will not be disappointed.  

Personally, I want to know how they all do this and still manage to keep their sanity.  To you, my readers, I suggest you take some time to go check out their websites and/or blogs. Get to know them. They all have great lessons to share with each of us. I don’t care how long you have been in the business, these women can teach us a thing or two about dedication and determination.  I for one have them all on my RSS feeder. I don’t want to miss a thing they have to say 

Well, I’m almost at my station and my day crazy work day will begin very soon. I just hope I can perform with the grace these women have and at the end of the day I will have some good lessons to share with all of you. 

Stay tuned!!!!!

3 thoughts on “On a Personal Note

  1. Hi.

    It is 7am here in Brantford, Ontario, Canada…and I feel your pain. I too am very busy with my work.

    I find that I wake up every morning with a bit of worry and anxiety as things that I have to take care of slowly start coming to mind.

    Then I jump up, very early in the morning, before everyone at my house gets up, and the phone starts ringing, so that I can get a few hours in before it all starts, and I have to deal with the regular stuff a paralegal office has to deal with during the day.


  2. I suspect most do it just like you do – by multitasking! I just remarked to a co-worker the other day on our habit of constantly doing “something else” – I suspect there’s been less than half a dozen times over the past year that I sat down and ate lunch without trying to do something else at the same time, and my co-worker is the same way!

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