Self-Asessments and Year End Reviews

We all hate them. Walking around the office I can feel the tension not to mention the moaning and groaning coming from every cubicle about having to complete your self-assessments for the year end reviews. 

I don’t particularly like it either. On a scale of my most disliked tasks, year end reviews fall somewhere between filing and billing. However, just like filing and billing, year end reviews must be done. The good news is that your self assessment is also your opportunity to let me know how much you contributed to the department and in some cases, tell me what you need from me to be more productive next year. 

If you’ll allow me, let me give you some “tricks” to help you make this process a little less painful. 

1.  Keep a folder, either on your computer or in your personal folder in your desk, with all emails you receive from clients or attorneys thanking you for a job well done. 
2.  Keep a list of all the classes or seminars you attended throughout the year and describe things you’ve done in the office to implement what you learned.
3.  Keep a list of all the extra projects for which you volunteered; if you took advantage of the pro bono work your office does, keep a list of the cases you worked on and the name of the supervising attorney; if your company participates in community service keep a list of the volunteering activities you in which you took part. 

I guess what I’m trying to tell you is not to sell yourself short. We are all involved in many different things and each one of them will give me a little glimpse of who you are. If you can handle your workload and still find the time to give back and make someone smile I, as you manager, want to know. 

Keep in mind that I have 5 or 6 other paralegals (some offices more) to remember. I cannot remember all that they did. Believe me, I have enough trouble remembering what I did. Think of your self assessment as a little reminder for me. Don’t worry about whether I’m going to think you’re not modest. I don’t want you to be modest I want you to give me reasons and prove to me that I’m not wrong for thinking that you are the best paralegal EVER. 

This is your opportunity to tell me and show me that I was absolutely right when I hired you. I couldn’t have made a better choice. 

Now, get going on that self assessment.  You don’t have much time. Toot that horn. 

Happy holidays if I don’t see you all sooner. 

2 thoughts on “Self-Asessments and Year End Reviews

  1. This is exactly how it feels, this end of the year self assessment! If I only could remember what I have done well during the year… Thanks for the tip with the folder to keep all thanking letters/e-mails received during the year in one place!

    Happy New Year,

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