Today I Say Good Bye To Steve Jobs

From the Apple Website

For those of you who may not know me I am an Apple Geek.  I am proud to be an Apple Geek.  I started small, first came the iPod, then the iMac a few years later I got a Macbook and the husband got a Macbook Air, then the iPhones, there was the 1, 2 3, 3G, the husband got the 3GS and then both of us got the 4.  Then we both had to have the iPad and then instead of the iPhone 4S we decided to upgrade the iPads to the iPad2 (we’ll wait for the 5) and the most recent addition to the family was the Apple TV….. Yeah I am an Apple addict. No excuses, I love the product.  I love the way it looks, the way they work and how few problems we have.  Have there been problems? yes, sure.   The difference is, that with Apple, when we have had a problem, we go to the the nearest Apple Store and the problem gets resolved.  They have great customer service and if we can’t make it to the store we can even troubleshoot in chat with a representative (I’ve done that).

Today, I would like to take some time to dedicate a post to a man who has made a huge impact in the world.  At at time when there was so much “wrong” Apple did it all right.  The stock goes up the products are always reliable and the service is excellent.  Today, we lost a genius.  One in a million in our generation.

In a 2005 Steve Jobs was the commencement speaker at Stanford University and then he said “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” He lived this saying.  He made his own path and lived it fully.  He believed in his dreams and he taught us all that believing in our dreams is ok.  Work hard, be true to who you are and dream high.

Today we say good bye to a man who made a difference.

3 thoughts on “Today I Say Good Bye To Steve Jobs

  1. He was such an innovative genius who always thought cutting edge, I too am an Apple geek because their equipment is superior and have always been user friendly … sure wish industry had taken the Apple path rather than the IBM path. Windows came about to try and mimic what Apple always had. Steve will be sorely missed!

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