Paralegals and the Economy

I recently twitted that I may be gone for a while.  I said that although I love being a paralegal, currently I do not enjoy the circumstances under which I am a paralegal.

The economy is taking a toll on all of us.  We are all overworked and understaffed and for a paralegal supervisor this has got to be one of the most stressful situations.  The work seems to be coming in at a heavier pace than before, but I cannot increase my paralegal staff nor can I approve overtime.  So in a land of “something’s gotta give” I think that was the day I stood on the edge of quitting.

I didn’t quit.  I truly enjoy being a paralegal and as in all things I take the good with the bad.  But the bad is really starting to piss me off, for lack of a better description.  I’m here and I’m still a paralegal supervisor for the firm I have been with the past 5 years.  However, this does not mean that I’m happy about it the current situation.

I am going to spend the next few weeks or maybe months trying to figure out how to make things work with my ever shrinking paralegal department and attorneys who do not want to give up their work in fear of not being seen as needed members of the law department.  I will continue to post and, actually, I am in the process of picking up on my YouTube Channel where I left off.  I have also promised a series of articles about different types of laws where paralegals make a big difference and am working on a few of those posts.

Please, don’t give up on me.  We all go through some touchy times and this was my time.

Look for me on my next post, like me on FaceBook and Follow me on Twitter…. Ohhhh yeah and now I have a Google+ account too.  I’m just all over the place.

6 thoughts on “Paralegals and the Economy

  1. Law firms and in-house law departments are in the business to make money. In a law firm. having time keepers keep better track of their time and increase billing by a couple of hours a month is the general way to increase revenue. In a business setting (corporate law departments) the way to increase revenue is to cut expenses – (i.e. payroll and benefits.)

    I wish you the best in what ever direction you take with your life. I also spent 5 years at an increasingly difficult place to work. Former employees consider themselves as survivors!! Life is too short. I would suggest you start looking to move o to another company. Your emotional, intellectual and physical well being trumps what ever loyalty you may feel toward co-workers or a particular attorney. True some areas of the law have not bounced back to early 2000 levels, but in metro Atlanta, I have seen a substantial increase in the number of ads for paralegals and associates.

    1. Thank you Pamela. It means a lot to me to have the kind of support I have been shown. I think the fact that I am in the financial industry makes things a lot worst since there is so much scrutiny about us at the moment. Not all of us make as much money as it is believed.

      Things will get better, I know it. Until then, you are all stuck with me and my rants. The good thing is that I now created a new blog for my ranting. There will be no more ranting on this one. I will keep this one professional.

      Again, thank you for the support and for the comment. Always appreciated.

      1. we all need a place to rant. But don’t stick it out from a sense of loyalty if the work conditions begin to affect you physically, emotionally or mentally. It is not worth it. Start networking now.

        In a business (not law firm) the only way to control costs or increase profit, is by cutting expenses.
        In a business, employees are expenses. Sadly, the ones taking on heavier and heavier work loads tend to be the ones at the bottom of the chain of command.

  2. Sharing few things like these will keep ones mind in rest and allows to think well to proceed further. We am also with you. I am sure that all paralegals will go through these situations on eor the other day. good luck


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