What to Wear to the Office in the Summer

Monday is going to be a long day. I have meetings all morning and then I have to get a report finished by the end of the day for a big meeting on Tuesday. I need something easy to pull together and something smart looking. When my days shape up to be like that, I usually reach for that smart, feminine suit in my closet. Simple, classic length skirts and usually some color. I want to stand out and appear pulled together without much effort. I want to be comfortable without looking out of place. A suit is easy to match and not much thought goes into it. Especially when thinking is being done at 5 o’clock in the morning….. Ugh!!!!!!!


The color is happy making Mondays not seem as difficult as we all know Mondays can be. I like the accents on the jacket giving it a feminine look. I sure as heck want to make sure I stand out when forced to sit in a room full of dark suits. Have you noticed? Most men wear dark blue suits at the office? They look they all shop at the same place. I’ve always chuckled when I see it. It’s funny when you think that men feel better when others look the same. I always feel better if I’m the only woman in the room wearing a particular suit. How mortifying would it be to have two women in a room wearing the same thing?

I also really like this more colorful suit by Albert Nipon. The length of the skirt is appropriate for the office but the pink color is sexy and feminine. This suit can go from office to dinner without much effort. Because it’s such a simple dress, the color works without making me look too young. Not that I feel there’s anything wrong with being young but in an office setting sometimes being the youngest one in the room may be a detriment.

However, if color is not your thing. I know some women who shy away from color and some offices tend to be more conservative than others. This dark suit from Tahari is smart and without making you look trashy it also shows off your assets.

What will you be wearing to the office on Monday?

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