Office Appropriate Dress

Since the plan is to be at my desk most of the day my work attire will reflect the ease of it. A dress is always an easy choice for me. I can make it look casual or, if the unanticipated meeting happens, I just throw on a jacket over it and …. I’m ready to play paralegal extraordinaire.

Jones New York at ShopStyle

The plan is to work on the reconciliation report to ensure that the instructions given to the business are, in fact, being carried out and that the business continues to be in compliance with the recently effective regulations. In order to do this I have to sit at my desk and pour over reports from IT and other administrative reports to ensure we’re all on the same page. So….. I want to be as comfortable as I can be and still look professional.

The above dress is the perfect choice. I like the dark blue color … ok, fine I like black but I chose blue just to break away from the routine. However, if black is your color here is the same dress in black. The best part about it??? it’s now on sale…. I’m ordering two.

For shoes I am going to choose a comfortable pump with a not so high heel…. I’d even go with flats, which I will be wearing during my commute to the office, but again, since I never know what meeting will be squeezed in during the day I usually try to have a pair of heels. these nude pumps by Aldo Coilian caught my eye. Because I chose the blue dress I don’t want to pair them with black pumps. However, I would if I were wearing a black jacket. And let’s say that I am wearing that black jacket!!!!! here are the black pumps I would be wearing. Yep, I know, the price is a bit higher than what you care for? Yeah, I tend to do that. I’m a shoe fanatic (shoes and purses) but hey, look here. Look at these other black pumps… I love these too and they are more reasonable and just as comfortable. Probably even more comfortable.

If you’re anything like me, and I’m assuming you are, I always have to have a great bag. However, as I mentioned earlier, I am a shoe and purse fanatic so what I usually do is spend more money on my shoes and purses and not so much on my clothes. I always feel that if I spend a little more on a good purse I can wear it with many outfits making the price per wear be totally worth it. I really like this Reed Krakoff. Isn’t she pretty???? yep but the price has me hyperventilating, so I shopped around a little more and found this one. I know, not the same but it’s still really really cute and I can get a lot of wear out of it. I can take it to dinner with the husband and the mall with a girlfriend. If you are the type who likes a more structured bag, this one by Hobo Mariella is really adorable also and it will be sure to make any of your outfits look stylish.

So now I’m ready to comfortably work on my reconciliation report and hope that no one realizes that there are no meetings on my calendar and decide to change that. If that’s the case, I will have to find a jacket or perhaps a cardigan to wear.

What do you think? What’s your go to comfortable outfit for when you have plans to just stay in your office and not see any clients?

I would love to know.

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