Shoes – What should I wear to the office?

I can’t tell you how many times I have worn the “wrong shoes” to the office. It’s true. They look amazing with my outfit. Ok, they MAKE my outfit. How good is that if by lunch time I feel like I need to go barefoot?

Sensible Shoes for Work
Naturalizer, Pour La Victoire, MICHAEL Michael Kors
Sensible Shoes for the Office #sensibleshoes #shoes

Here is what I do now to make sure my piggies are comfortable. Have you noticed that if your feet hurt you can’t concentrate on anything else?

Every night, when I pick out my outfit, I make sure I look at my calendar to see if there are meetings outside of the office, will I be on my feet for long periods of time? Will I be standing by a copy machine or at a conference room table organizing files? My calendar dictates what kind of shoes I will be wearing and most of the time my shoes will dictate what outfit I’m going to wear.

Above are a few shoes that will not kill your feet and will not break the bank either. So, as far as I’m concerned, that is a win win situation.

2 thoughts on “Shoes – What should I wear to the office?

    1. Ohhh I had no idea that Ecco made pumps. I like their casual shoes. I’m going to check out the pump line. Thanks for letting me know and thank you for checking out the blog. I truly appreciate it.

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