Happy Friday – Orange Splash Cocktail

Yiippee, I thought it was never going to get here.  The weather is getting nicer, except for the two days of rain, but otherwise I’m really enjoying not having to carry anything else besides my purse ….. no coat, no hat, no scarf…. just my purse.  The other think I really enjoy is coming home and sitting on my deck having a nice glass of something.  I thought this orange splash looked so yummy and what do you know, you can relax and get your vitamin C at the same time.  Isn’t that what paralegals are all about???? multitasking?

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Photo from Delish.com
Photo from Delish.com


2 ounce(s) Absolut Citron vodka
1 ounce(s) Cointreau or triple sec
1 splash(es) fresh lime juice
1 splash(es) orange juice
Sugar, for garnish
Orange slice, for garnish


Pour all ingredients over ice in a shaker or large glass and shake vigorously. Rim a glass with sugar and serve on the rocks. Garnish with an orange slice.

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