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Reading is one my favorite ways to pass the time.  I’ve never been a fan of spending hours watching television, perhaps because nothing holds my interest that long.  I have started watching some shows but within one or two seasons I’m totally bored with them and forget about it.  Maybe that’s the reason I jump all over the place when writing posts….. bear with me.

The start of the Summer season always finds me really busy.  Family get-togethers and stuff to do around the house, combined with my long commutes to and from the office, reading seems to be what I’m able to do on the go more often than not.  Most of the time I read on-line, blogs, newspapers, books, magazines, etc. and my interests are varied so I hope you’re not expecting to see only paralegal related things here.  That’s probably not going to happen.  There will be some of that, but more often than not there will be other things.

This week there was one blog that caught my attention.  I have no idea where I’ve been but I must have been living under a rock.  How could I have missed this amazing blog about paralegals?  The Paralegal Society, the stories on the blog are funny, interesting and informative.  The writing (at least what I have been able to get through) is entertaining which is very important when you’re writing for a varied audience.  After reading a few stories I not only subscribed to the blog but I also now one of their twitter followers/stalkers.

Above the Law always has interesting articles about life in law…. is there such thing?  This article about a well-known law firm in the U.K  cracked me up.  How would you like to receive your bonus in the form of motivational quotes?  Apparently, according to the article it totally motivated associates but not in the way the partners expected.  I happen to like motivational quotes as much as the next person… heck, I probably like them more than the next person but I sure as heck don’t go to work to get paid in motivational quotes.  How am I supposed to afford my shopping addiction?  And most recently my home decorating addiction?  No thank you.  Please give me my bonus in cash and preferably more than last year, please.

Speaking or shopping addiction.  If you are a long time reader, you know that I am absolutely in love with Apple products.  I actually think that it is a cult and even though the past couple of years I have been somewhat disappointed in them, I cannot get out of the habit of buying their stuff.  All the computers in Camelot (this is where I live go check out the Camelot blog here) are Apple, I have had an iPhone since the first iPhone came out and I think last year was the first year I did not upgrade (I boycotted because I was so annoyed).  However, I have been reading about Apple coming out with a wearable product… Will it be glasses?  no, that’s been done…. will be a watch?  perhaps.  Take a look at this article from 9to5Mac.  Only problem is that now I’ll have to figure out a way to justify needing one of these.

Ohhh yeah, and since we are on the topic of Apple and Macs.  Have you seen this YouTube channel?  Anything and everything you need to know about working with your Macs is here.  I have to admit that there are times I am not sure how to use some of the programs.  No worries, nothing this guy can’t help me with.  Lately I’m trying to figure out how to do videos and maybe a podcast…. guess where I’m going to find out how to do that?  Right here.

As for what am I reading in books… well, the past couple of weeks I have been making my way through the book Toss The Gloss, it’s an easy read but you wouldn’t know it since it’s taking me so long to get through it.  Life has gotten so busy and …. well, to be honest, I have been falling asleep on the bus every day…. I promise I will get through it this weekend.  So far I am liking it.  It’s about makeup for the woman over 50.  Yep, I’m reading it.  I’m not 50 but I will be someday and I want to be prepared.  Isn’t that what paralegals do?  We prepare ourselves for anything and everything.  I think the next book I’m going to read is the new one by Tim Geithner…. Stress Test.  Should I get the audio book or the actual book?  Trying to decide.

There have been a few other odds and end things that have come across this paralegal’s desk but honestly I cannot remember if any of them would make my list.  Besides I get give you all my secrets…. I want to make sure you keep coming back.

Have a great weekend all.

Hope to see you very soon.  XoXo Ana

2 thoughts on “The Paralegal’s Reading List

  1. I once worked for district attorney’s office handling child support, so I worked with people at the Department of Family Services. A new director was appointed who management style including having the different sections develop motivational quotes that reflect them. He changed his mind once he realized just how cynical his staff was. One I remember was “You hatch it… We snatch it”.

    1. Hahahah I like inspirational quotes but they become a bit much when they come from your manager and appear every morning. I had a manager that used to do that every morning. Eventually I started to wonder if this was some type of subliminal message or whether that person had enough to do in their day. Anyway, I still can’t imagine receiving that instead of a bonus or raise haha. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it and look forward to more. Thank you for checking out the blog.

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