What to Wear to the Office – Enter the Pencil Skirt

Ok, this is a bit of wishful thinking but this, at least for this paralegal, is just an illustration on how the pencil skirt does not have to be a boring piece in your closet.

When I can’t figure out what to wear I always go with a pencil skirt.  Just keep in mind that there are many styles and lengths but for the office only the one that hits just at your knees or just above your knees is appropriate, at least in my opinion.

I tend to wear lots of black but in the Spring and Summer I feel the need to add some color to my office wear.  When I’m feeling a little more daring I would pair this skirt up with a yellow blouse.  When I don’t feel so daring, or when the occasion called for a more conservative outfit, a while silk blouse would look amazing when paired with a nice simple pair of pumps and maybe a yellow purse just to give the outfit a little bit more interest.

So, because we are paralegals and we all know that the price of this skirt is somewhat beyond our reach (at least for now, one can dream right?).  I have decided to go on the hunt for something similar that we can all wear to the office and make a statement.

This 5th & Mercer Pencil Skirt is bright and it comes in both this nice pink and a bright yellow.  If you pair it a white blouse you have an amazing outfit for the office.  If a pattern is what you are looking for, this one by Zero Maria Cornejo is another alternative.  A bit more pricey but we can all wait for a sale.  The good thing about pencil skirts is that they never go out of style. I still have some that I’ve had for 6 or 7 years.

If you are a paralegal just starting out and your budget doesn’t yet allow you to splurge on yourself as it will, I promise in a year or so…. I found this great Ellen Tracy pencil skirt that will make you look like you spent a million bucks.  It comes in a myriad of colors, all appropriate for the office.

Wearing office appropriate clothing does not have to be boring.  You can add color, an interesting scarf or a nice colorful cardigan (remember the office is going to be cold in the Summer…. a cardigan may not be a bad idea).

Hope this helps.



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