The Paralegal’s Reading List

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Have you ever felt as if you are working and working really hard and no one even knows you exist?  Having visibility to the partners and other employees at the firm is crucial to your professional growth.  Strategies to overcome paralegal invisibility is a great read published by Carolina Paralegal News.

Recently, I have had to quickly overcome my fear of public speaking.  I usually do really well with a group of people but as soon as I feel like the spotlight is on me I tend to panic and can’t remember the simplest things….. Heck I’ve even been known to forget my boss’ name…. not cool.  Chere Estrin, from Estrin Report published a great article about overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Have you checked out the Muse?  When I have a few minutes I look through their Twitter feed and find some fun articles.  The 21 things you wish you didn’t know about your co-workers was one of those things I found on Thursday night while I waited for my dinner to heat up.  I have to admit that it had me thinking of things that I do to pass the time when I should be working.  We all have those moments don’t we???? Come on, you can admit it.  I won’t tell.

I still have not picked up any books to read this Summer, I know the time is flying by and eventually I will have to decide on something.  I’m really picky about my books and although I know I want to read the Stress Test I’m not sure that’s the type of book I want to read in the Summer.  For suggestions I usually go to Good Reads…. Have you checked out that App?  If not you should.  It’s great and if you like to read, there are a whole lot of people with great book suggestions.  It’s a social type thing where you can find friends and share book reviews.  You can friend me, I would love to see you there.

The weather is finally nice enough to go swimming so I’m on my way now.  Time to put the computer down and go play.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  I’ll see you all next week with some more thoughts from this paralegal lost in compliance land.






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