Paralegal Reading List – What am I reading?

Photo and quote from
Photo and quote from


When I came upon the above quote I had to have it for this article.  Some of you may be aware that I am being interviewed for a legal publication, this is all I will say about for now.  Anyway…… a lot of the questions related to what I believe to be some of the most important skills a paralegal should possess.  I don’t think I make this a secret at all.  As most of you already know I believe reading is one of the most important skills a paralegal must develop.  Believe me, you will be reading a lot of stuff.  Some stuff is interesting, some stuff…… well, not so much.  However, you will have to read it.

Usually what I tell my paralegals is that they should get into the habit of reading and making sure they comprehend what they are reading.  I always ask that they read, at least, one newspaper per day.  I like to recommend books but I realize that sometimes time is short and many people don’t like to read books.  Newspapers are important though….. Make sure you read those.

One of the things I do, when I read an article is to try to summarize it in as few words as possible.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t do this every day….. I’m not that much of a nerd but I do it often.  So, I sit down and read an article and then I try to summarize it.  Let’s say there is someone who has not read the article and I pretend that I’m telling them what it’s about.  You can do that movies or even music.  Try to summarize it both verbally and written.  See how much shorter you can make it and still have it make perfect sense.

The above quote is right on point with what I am trying to do when I summarize the articles or the movies or even the songs.  I believe that if I am not able to explain the issue to a third-party it means that I have not understood the article.  I go back and read it again until I can figure out what it means.  Am I always right?  Nope…. Sometimes my understand of the article is off.  That can also be fun.  Usually that leads my husband and I down the path of a discussion about the issue and eventually one of us will be able to persuade the other.

There I have no developed three skills…… reading…… writing and speaking.

Now, let me share some of the things I have been reading lately.

As far as blogs I have really been enjoying The Bloggess.  Her real name is Lisa Belkin and she is funny and some would say loud.  She blogs about everything from funny conversations with her husband to grocery shopping.  Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing she won’t blog about.  Her posts have a great attraction factor to me and I feel like she’s sitting right there talking to me. Her personality comes through loud and clear.  If you haven’t already checked out her blog, please take a moment….. I’ll wait…….. ………………… …………………… you back?  What did you think?

If you happen to be a lawyer reading my blog…. first of all thank you for your support and second here is something you may be interested in.  This was something I found on the ABA website about how paralegals can help your practice.

Like any woman… Sorry don’t mean to generalize…. but most women, I am a fan of fashion.  Do not be surprised if some posts are about makeup, perfume and fashion. As far as I am concerned these are female necessities, sometimes almost as important as water and food.  One article I read this month in Harper’s Bazaar was about Queen Letizia of Spain.  I’m Portuguese and as such I am a fan of anything taking place in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain).  She’s become such a fashion icon.  Here is the article for those of you that didn’t see it.  The first pants suit is to die for.

As far as magazines.  I am a fan of Town & Country.  I know, most find it to be a little stuffy and I admit that sometimes it is.  However, when it’s not, you can actually see the reason why it one of my favorite magazines to read.  The writing is on point and so clever.  Have you ever been at a dinner party when you suddenly hear the strangest comments?  Here, this article made me laugh.  About the things you should never say at a dinner party.

Last but certainly not least.  I hope you have all taken the time to read The Estrin Report.  A blog created for paralegals, about paralegals and anyone who deals with paralegals.  Chere Estrin is a great advocate for the profession and I count her among my many mentors and role models.  I read her blog as often as I can and it’s definitely on my Feedly.

Ok, this should be enough for now.  I must go and start enjoying my weekend with my husband.  We finally have the house to ourselves and we’re both very excited about it.  The sun is amazingly hot around here and it’s time to go float around in the pool with my watermelon cocktail.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.  What have you been reading lately.  Let me know.  Always ready to discover new places.



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