Coupon Code Wednesday – Office appropriate clothing that won’t break the bank

Cédric Charlier at ShopStyle

Hello again.  It’s been a little while, I know but you know I could not be gone for very long.  There are a few things happening right now that are using up every ounce of energy I have left but I can’t talk about them just yet.  I promise I will as soon as I can and I also promise that I will be more available once this craziness stops.

Today I thought I’d come by and share with you a few coupon codes and pieces that are not only beautiful they are totally office appropriate.  You will look amazingly professional and still have money left to enjoy your Fourth of July Weekend…… Can you believe it’s the Fourth of July already?  This year is just flying.

Take a look at this skirt.  You have heard me many times before going on and on about how great a pencil skirt is.  They always look professional and never frumpy.  I have to admit that I am partial to them.  I have lots of skirts and I’m almost sure 95%  of them are pencil skirts.  This Ellen Tracey Slim Pencil Skirt is not only professional looking and beautiful but it’s also only $29.98 with an extra 20% if you use the Coupon Code: FOURTH.

This Cédric Charlier is to die for.  This is the perfect skirt you can wear to the office during the day with a jacket and in the evening take the jacket off and show off the amazing detail.  The color is bright and vibrant and perfect for Summer.  I love all the color.  Wear it with a white or off white camisole and you will be sure you turn heads.

For those days when you want to be comfortable and feel totally feminine this Valentino pleaded skirt is just what the doctor ordered.  Not only is it a great skirt, the prices is right and with the coupon code: SALE20 you get an extra 20% off.  Just make sure it’s not really windy.  I had a Marilyn Monroe moment the other day as I was trying to make my way to the bus station.  Thankfully, I was not carrying anything in my hands and was able to recover quickly….. Just saying.

Are you like me and have always wondered what a cashmere skirt would feel like?  I don’t have any but I’ve always wanted one.  This one by Donna Karan  is normally $995, but now with the sale and a coupon code: SALE20 you can get it for $398.  Totally worth the splurge.

However, if you’re more like me and you’re always running late getting out of the house in order to catch the bus, a dress is some times the best way to go.  I really do like this one by Oscar De La Renta….. Can you imagine.  An Oscar De La Renta that I can actually afford.  Just so you know, the dress is  normally $1,000+ but here we have it on sale and and additional 20% off if you use the coupon code: SALE20.  So what we’ll have to wait until it’s a bit cooler out.  We’ll be the best looking paralegals in the office…. Ok, at least the best dressed ones.  Be careful don’t wear it on the day you’re planning on asking for your raise.

These are just a few of my favorite things.   What do you think…. Not bad for the middle of the week right?  Happy shopping.

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