The Vegan Paralegal

This weekend I decided to start a new blog.  Originally I thought about incorporating it into this one but then I decided that some of you may not be interested in seeing anything non-pralegal related.  Wordpress makes it really easy to start a new site so I decided to split the two.  The Vegan Paralegal is a diary of my discovery of a vegan and healthy world.

The Paralegal is not going anywhere, I’ll still be posting here and hopefully on more of a regular basis (I’m working on a schedule).  The new blog, The Vegan Paralegal, is here on WordPress (I just love WordPress) will feature articles about eating as a vegan, taking steps to become more eco-friendly, and being generally healthier.  I’m hoping to talk about exercise, diet and overall a more holistic lifestyle.

I hope you will go and look around.  Remember that it’s all new to me to there will be some mistakes made and I’m looking to all of you to set me straight.  I’m sure I’m not the only paralegal interested in planet friendly stuff and certainly not the first vegan paralegal.  So come on over and help me out.  I’m sure together we can and will make a difference.

Hope to see you there.


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