What am I thinking? Where am I going?

Hello everyone. I just wanted to catch up and ask for an opinion as well as let you know what I’m thinking. As you probably know I’m dividing this blog into two different blogs. It has come to my attention that many of you are not interested in seeing beauty or fashion articles on this blog. However, it’s also been made clear to me that some of you really like those types of articles.

After some thinking I have decided to start another blog dedicated to The Paralegal at Home. All the things I do when not at work. All articles about beauty, fashion, cleaning, decorating, organizing a home, etc will be found there. I am leaving this blog as it was intended to be. A blog about being a paralegal. Here you can find all the things we originally started talking about. How to be a paralegal, how to research and what is expected of us in the crazy work we all live in.

To kicky this new schedule off. I will start by doing a series on research….. internet research, Lexis research and Westlaw research. I also want to do a series on how I use my iPad. How to use the iPad at work, the different apps I work with and how I manage to totally give up paper in my life as a paralegal.

Please take a moment and go check out the new blog at The Paralegal at Home and like and subscribe to the feed. I am hoping that by doing things this way you can better find your way to the things you most want to see. Let me know if you have any trouble or if you would like to see something different.

I love to hear from you guys.


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