In The News – What has the Paralegal Been Reading


As most of you know reading is one of the ways I relax.  I’m not much into watching television so, after a long day, while the husband relaxes watching whatever shows he enjoys watching I am usually sitting or laying down next to him reading on my iPad.  These are some of the bits of the things which caught my interest.

After a Summer full of activities and sometimes spending more money than most of us budgeted for the fall is a great time to revisit our spreadsheets, or Mint or whatever method you use to make sure you are going to have enough to enjoy the holidays.  Mint published a great list of Money Moves for Fall.

Are you guilty of pointing fingers?  Do you sometimes get annoyed at how some people seem to have it so easy and seem to be struggling to get ahead?  Well, I know I am guilty of that, sometimes.  We’re all human and sometimes we can’t help but be a bit jealous or envious of those who seem to have it all.  This week I read a great article in  Sometimes what looks like privilege to us is actually the product of many years of struggle.  Take a moment to read this article and then take some time to actually assess if you agree.  Some Thoughts on “Privilege.”

Every morning and every evening when I’m commuting from New Jersey into New York for work I wonder if other people go through the same annoyance as I do.  For instance, last night, the subway was so crowded I couldn’t find a place to hold on to.  I’m short, so I can’t reach the top railing — you know the one that hangs above you head — so I need to rely on the poles. Well, unless I morphed into Gumbywoman I was not going to be able to hold on.  I tried to balance myself without holding on which makes for an interesting commute.  Good thing I was not wearing heels.  This morning I found some pictures Proof that Rush House is Kinda Terrible Everywhere which made me feel much better.  Misery does love company, after all.

While we’re on the subject of pictures….. What’s this about?  I do’t even know what to say to that.  Is it really necessary to post a notice like this?  What are we coming to?

You all know I really enjoy being a paralegal.  Maybe I’ve always been lucky and I have never been treated disrespectfully because I’m a paralegal.  Sure, I have been disrespected.  However, not because of my chosen profession but because some people are just jerks.  They can’t help that and honestly not something I can change.  It’s their problem and I can only feel sorry for them.  When I saw this article in Legal Cheek, I thought it best to write something here in case some of you are thinking about becoming paralegals.  It’s funny and some of them are probably going to wind up in my Pinterest but it’s not what the profession is about.  Remember you do have a choice in everything you do.



3 thoughts on “In The News – What has the Paralegal Been Reading

  1. Hi I was wondering if you can answer a question? Last year I rented a fully furnished nice home to a woman who said she was a paralegal.We asked for references and those we called gave her “glowing” reviews. Initially everything was fine, but as the months went by the ever increasing I dont have all the rent became the mainstay. In October of this year we confronted her and asked her to leave. She changed the locks and we were denied access to the property and our calls were ignored. We then started eviction proceedings. Just prior to the 24 hour writ of possession she hired a moving truck and stole everything down to the showerheads in the bath. I have since done much more research on her and found out she has been evicted 10 times since the year 2000. I also contacted some “real” Landlords and the story of our situation seems to be the norm. I have since found out she is a convicted felon for “grand theft auto” and was on felony probation for a year. (she likes Mercedes and lexus’s). As of today, I know where she is working. A very high profile multi-state large law firm in West Palm Beach Florida. I researched paralegals and found out they are to be registered and certified to work in the state of Florida. The Florida Bar website has a link to research Paralegals and I do not see her name. My questions are can a convicted felon (with a felony conviction) still be able to work in Florida as a Paralegal? Are Law firms required to do a background check on their new hires? Are attorney’s under any liability for any work she may have performed on their cases while she was an unregistered, un certified paralegal? Its obvious this woman uses the Law to Break the law with her knowledge of the rental process. Thanks in Advance.

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