Time to Start Looking for a Coat?

Jaeger Wool Cashmere Waisted Coat

I don’t know about you, but this morning all I could think about was my nice toasty sweats and sweatpants.  Is it possible that Summer is over?  Are we really going to start buying sweaters and coats and pants?  I’m not sure I’m ready.

However, one look at the store windows, online and all around it feels and looks like that is a reality we are now faced with.  Here at the blog we are going to start seeing a few more Fall and Winter things.  I have to admit that I am more of a Summer person than a Fall or Winter person, although I do like fall colors.  The one thing I do want and enjoy is being toasty and cozy.  What better way than with a great coat.  Let’s start with that.

This year I will be working from home a little more…. Ohh who am I kidding…. a lot more than I have ever had a chance.  I managed to negotiate for working from home at least three days a week instead of getting a bump in pay.  To me that’s a much better deal than a monetary incentive…. well, at least for now.  That’s not to say I won’t be trying to get more money…. We’ll discuss this at a later time…. anyway, because I will be working from home more and therefore not needing as many suits and office appropriate clothes as I would normally need, I figure I can spend a little bit more.  But what about my fellow paralegals that are not in the same situation as I am?  Well, don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you.  I will be looking for bargains and bringing them to you.  One of my plans is to be on the lookout for things you would love and let you know where to get them.  Is that a deal?  Would you be willing to give me a change with that?

Let’s start with coats.  Above is a Jaeger Wool Cashmere Coat.  Yeah, a bit pricey and unless you are willing to use your end of the year bonus (ahead of time) to get it, chances are that on a paralegal salary that’s not going to be a priority.  So I have found this Corinna Caon Coat.  I know it’s not Cashmere but it looks so stylish and warm and the red color makes it a great statement piece.  For those of you who prefer a more traditional coat, which I have to say I don’t blame you.  I always say, if you’re only going to be able to buy one coat or one of anything, make it a traditional cut. That way you can get much more wear out of it and keep within your budget…. Anyway, this Angela Mele Milano Coat although traditional, because of the red color it looks fresh and young.  Also, if red is something you don’t think you can get into, this coat comes in three different colors.  Sand, which is almost a camel color, black which as a New Yorker I find it the ultimate find and in the red.  There’s a color for every taste and all look classic and very warm.

If the above price points are still a bit steep for you, don’t despair.  I have been where you are.  Being a new paralegal, having to deal with student loans and the way the economy is I totally understand that spending over $200 on a coat can be the difference between making that student loan payment or not or having a life or not.  I also know that the stress that we are put through by our wonderfully amazing attorneys sometimes require a little bit of a nightlife.  So, I am prepared and here are some less pricey coats that still look like stylish and fun.  This Sinequanone Coat is so cute.  It looks young, fun, stylish and no one needs to know you didn’t spend a fortune to look this great.  I also happen to think that Ann Klein makes great clothes and surprisingly affordable.  I totally love this Anne Klein Wool-Cashmere Blend Walker Coat.  What do you think?  Comes in a variety of colors, camel, black and red.

I hope you enjoy this post and I will work on a few others.  Let me know what you would like to see more of and I will make every effort to post about it.



Sale Wednesday – Check out these great items on sale this week


Sometimes I’m happy to just surf the net and find great deals on work clothes.  I don’t necessarily need anything but you might and if I can help you I’m going to totally try.  Here are some things I found which will help you look like the professional you are and still allow you to enjoy that great much deserved vacation you have been dreaming and planing on.

This Honor Floral-print organza skirt is so pretty and feminine.  Originally the price of this skirt was $795 but this week it’s been marked down to $398.  I know it’s a steep price but that quite the markdown don’t you think?  I think if you pair this skirt with a simple white blouse or a sweater set (make sure it’s a Summer weight set) you can get a lot of mileage from it.  Wear it with some nice casual sandals for an afternoon out with the girls or with a nice pair of pumps (nude would be best) for the office.  Who said feminine has no place in the office?  They lied……. go for it.

Jackets can turn a casual outfit into a work outfit.  Sometimes they can turn a very classic work appropriate outfit into a going out outfit.  We all need these.  Remember that night you were supposed to meet your girlfriends for a drink after work?  You wore a nice pair of slacks or that great black pencil skirt that is not too sexy but not so matron either.  You had on the perfect pair of red (not too red) heels.  It’s 6:30 and you are ready for that drink……. what do you wear?  how about this Diane von Furstenberg Vint jacket.  This jacket can make any casual outfit have that something extra that will take it from office to evening out.  Honestly, I think this jacket could also go well with a pair of jeans and a great pair of sandals (heels or flats).

I know, I know it’s really hot now but we all know that sooner or later we will be wishing we had as many layers between us and the snow as possible.  In the midst of my summer crazed shopping I came across this AllSaints Klein Shearling Parka, the discount is tremendous and and you can get an even bigger discount if you use Coupon Code SUMMER.

And what about in the Fall when it feels like it’s going to just keep raining and we will need to somehow build out own arc in order to stay afloat.  Being a commuter I swear by my rain boots.  I like my hunters but I have been eyeing these Burberry Clemence Check Canvas Rain Boots.  There is nothing more classy than the fabric of anything Burberry.  Although not on sale the shipping is free with the Coupon Code FREESHIP.

Speaking on Hunters…. remember how I said I loved my hunters …. up there…. remember?  Well, guess what I found?  Here Hunter Back Adjustable Rain Boots I can promise you that these are going to last you a lifetime.  You will be trying to ruin them so you can justify getting a new pair in a few years.  I have a pair in green and have been eyeing the black (goes with more stuff).  They are also not on sale but the shipping is free with Coupon Code  FREESHIP.

Back to Summer.  I really enjoy the way red makes me feel.  Every time I wear red I feel like I can take on the world.  This dress combines the strength of the color and the softness of being a woman…… You can wow them with your smarts when they least expect you to.  J.Crew Crepe short-sleeve dress.  The dress is already on sale but you will get an additional 40% off if you use the Coupon Code SHOPMORE.

Last but not least, how about a dress with a punch.  A very different color.  I happen to like green and when I have a tan for some reason the light greens or some people would call them lime greens bring out the tan.  I want to accentuate the great color I have been able to get without frying out in the sun.  I have to tell you that I always wear SPF 30 or above and don’t sit out in the sun for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Anyway, let’s talk dresses…… Lauren Ralph Lauren Belted Dress this is a great color.  On those days when you want to look more conservative, put on a blazer and you’re good to go.  This dress is already on sale from $149.00 to $44.70…. Not too bad right?

I hope you enjoy the sales and I promise to keep my eyes opened for more if they come across my inbox.  I will totally let you know.

See you all soon.



Art from www.trooloo.com

Coupon Code Wednesday – Office appropriate clothing that won’t break the bank

Cédric Charlier at ShopStyle

Hello again.  It’s been a little while, I know but you know I could not be gone for very long.  There are a few things happening right now that are using up every ounce of energy I have left but I can’t talk about them just yet.  I promise I will as soon as I can and I also promise that I will be more available once this craziness stops.

Today I thought I’d come by and share with you a few coupon codes and pieces that are not only beautiful they are totally office appropriate.  You will look amazingly professional and still have money left to enjoy your Fourth of July Weekend…… Can you believe it’s the Fourth of July already?  This year is just flying.

Take a look at this skirt.  You have heard me many times before going on and on about how great a pencil skirt is.  They always look professional and never frumpy.  I have to admit that I am partial to them.  I have lots of skirts and I’m almost sure 95%  of them are pencil skirts.  This Ellen Tracey Slim Pencil Skirt is not only professional looking and beautiful but it’s also only $29.98 with an extra 20% if you use the Coupon Code: FOURTH.

This Cédric Charlier is to die for.  This is the perfect skirt you can wear to the office during the day with a jacket and in the evening take the jacket off and show off the amazing detail.  The color is bright and vibrant and perfect for Summer.  I love all the color.  Wear it with a white or off white camisole and you will be sure you turn heads.

For those days when you want to be comfortable and feel totally feminine this Valentino pleaded skirt is just what the doctor ordered.  Not only is it a great skirt, the prices is right and with the coupon code: SALE20 you get an extra 20% off.  Just make sure it’s not really windy.  I had a Marilyn Monroe moment the other day as I was trying to make my way to the bus station.  Thankfully, I was not carrying anything in my hands and was able to recover quickly….. Just saying.

Are you like me and have always wondered what a cashmere skirt would feel like?  I don’t have any but I’ve always wanted one.  This one by Donna Karan  is normally $995, but now with the sale and a coupon code: SALE20 you can get it for $398.  Totally worth the splurge.

However, if you’re more like me and you’re always running late getting out of the house in order to catch the bus, a dress is some times the best way to go.  I really do like this one by Oscar De La Renta….. Can you imagine.  An Oscar De La Renta that I can actually afford.  Just so you know, the dress is  normally $1,000+ but here we have it on sale and and additional 20% off if you use the coupon code: SALE20.  So what we’ll have to wait until it’s a bit cooler out.  We’ll be the best looking paralegals in the office…. Ok, at least the best dressed ones.  Be careful don’t wear it on the day you’re planning on asking for your raise.

These are just a few of my favorite things.   What do you think…. Not bad for the middle of the week right?  Happy shopping.

What to Wear to the Office – Affordable Dresses and Pant Suits for the Office

You are not going to believe what I found.  Like any other woman I am always looking for something new to add to my work wardrobe.  I especially like dresses and tend to wear them a lot.  However, the problem with dresses is that you wear them once and everyone remembers them.  There is very little you can do to make it look like a different dress short of wearing different color jackets.  However, that can get a little expensive.

My solution to this issue is to look for dresses on sale.  Check out this one below.  I love the collar and I love the price.

If you have sworn dresses and skirts out of your life, there are also some very nice pant suits that fit the budget quite nicely.  These days, even the most conservative law firm does not frown on women wearing a nice pant suit.  In my constant search for professional looking clothes that won’t break the bank I came across these really great Evan Picone Black Label , pant suits and what’s even better is that you can get the jacket in red or yellow.

I’m also eyeing this other Evan Picone mono color suit which is a little bit more classic but still feminine and not black (shocking for me I know).  Then again, I always gravitate to the black, so on my list is this herringbone pant suit also by Evan Picone.


What to wear to the office picnic?

It’s that time of the year again.  You received the save the date a few months ago on your work email and today the invitation arrived at your desk.  This is one of those things that you don’t have to go but it’s “recommended” that you make an appearance.  The question is…. what do you wear?  

Your closet is mostly made up of either work clothes (suits, dresses, skirts) and hang out clothes (stuff you wear when hanging at home or stuff you wear to the pool or beach with friends) Neither of these options is appropriate for the office picnic…… I say this is a great opportunity to go shopping. I love a project!!!!!!

Like you, I am waiting for the invitation to arrive and, like you I am not sure what to wear this year. Here are a few things I have picked out and have either in my basket or waiting for a sale so I can pick them up. Hopefully in time for the picnic.

I like that the shorts are a bit longer on the leg.  When I sit down I don’t want the entire office to know what color underpants I have on.  I like the simplicity of the t-shirt.  My favorite t-shirts these days are by Gap Essential Short sleeve comes in a ton of colors, last forever and are the softest ever.   If you prefer a tank or something with no sleeves I like this one also from the Gap.  I don’t like my arms so I usually go with the short sleeve t-shirts.

I thought the shoes were so cute. The little kitten face gives them that whimsical something as well as make them a great conversation starter. These Victoria’s Secret sandals are also really cute. I’ve stayed within the yellow accents to give the outfit a little bit more interest and make it bright and sunny…. After all, it is a Summer picnic right? However, if yellow is not your color you can replace yellow with any other color you prefer. My suggestion is that you stick with something bright and happy.

Also remember that even though there will probably be beer, and other types of alcohol it does not mean you need to drink as much as possible. Remember that you will be seeing these people again on Monday and how hard you have worked to get their respect. Is it worth throwing it all away in one afternoon? Sometimes it is hard to gage how much to drink. Especially when it’s hot and you start to get dehydrated. In that case I usually just stick to bottled water. Most of your colleagues will respect that.

So be safe, remember this is still work related and try to have fun and relax — It’s all going to be ok. You got this!!!!!!!!!


What to Wear to the Office – Enter the Pencil Skirt

Ok, this is a bit of wishful thinking but this, at least for this paralegal, is just an illustration on how the pencil skirt does not have to be a boring piece in your closet.

When I can’t figure out what to wear I always go with a pencil skirt.  Just keep in mind that there are many styles and lengths but for the office only the one that hits just at your knees or just above your knees is appropriate, at least in my opinion.

I tend to wear lots of black but in the Spring and Summer I feel the need to add some color to my office wear.  When I’m feeling a little more daring I would pair this skirt up with a yellow blouse.  When I don’t feel so daring, or when the occasion called for a more conservative outfit, a while silk blouse would look amazing when paired with a nice simple pair of pumps and maybe a yellow purse just to give the outfit a little bit more interest.

So, because we are paralegals and we all know that the price of this skirt is somewhat beyond our reach (at least for now, one can dream right?).  I have decided to go on the hunt for something similar that we can all wear to the office and make a statement.

This 5th & Mercer Pencil Skirt is bright and it comes in both this nice pink and a bright yellow.  If you pair it a white blouse you have an amazing outfit for the office.  If a pattern is what you are looking for, this one by Zero Maria Cornejo is another alternative.  A bit more pricey but we can all wait for a sale.  The good thing about pencil skirts is that they never go out of style. I still have some that I’ve had for 6 or 7 years.

If you are a paralegal just starting out and your budget doesn’t yet allow you to splurge on yourself as it will, I promise in a year or so…. I found this great Ellen Tracy pencil skirt that will make you look like you spent a million bucks.  It comes in a myriad of colors, all appropriate for the office.

Wearing office appropriate clothing does not have to be boring.  You can add color, an interesting scarf or a nice colorful cardigan (remember the office is going to be cold in the Summer…. a cardigan may not be a bad idea).

Hope this helps.



Shoes – What should I wear to the office?

I can’t tell you how many times I have worn the “wrong shoes” to the office. It’s true. They look amazing with my outfit. Ok, they MAKE my outfit. How good is that if by lunch time I feel like I need to go barefoot?

Sensible Shoes for Work
Naturalizer, Pour La Victoire, MICHAEL Michael Kors
Sensible Shoes for the Office #sensibleshoes #shoes

Here is what I do now to make sure my piggies are comfortable. Have you noticed that if your feet hurt you can’t concentrate on anything else?

Every night, when I pick out my outfit, I make sure I look at my calendar to see if there are meetings outside of the office, will I be on my feet for long periods of time? Will I be standing by a copy machine or at a conference room table organizing files? My calendar dictates what kind of shoes I will be wearing and most of the time my shoes will dictate what outfit I’m going to wear.

Above are a few shoes that will not kill your feet and will not break the bank either. So, as far as I’m concerned, that is a win win situation.